Thank you to all of the Bidders and Buyers at our 2017 High Altitude Female Sale!
Committed to our customer’s success and the beef business!

An important part of the T-Heart beef business program is the development and marketing of more than 400 bred heifers each year. The program is designed to provide value through superior genetics and a plan to do the right things at every turn to make these heifers work for our customers. 

We start with a comprehensive Zoetis vaccination program from birth through the sale and all are tested negative for PI-BVD. Everyone wants a good experience at calving so we work to minimize risk by using proven Angus calving ease bulls. AI with heat detection starts near the end of May each year. Heifers not conceiving AI are cleaned up with half-sibling Angus bulls selected strictly for advanced calving ease. As an added value service, ultrasound and fetal sexing is done in early August to benefit customers who might wish to have only heifer or only bull calves. Last year the heifers we offered checked our 78% AI pregnant.

We know your commercial cows are key to the profitability of your operation. That’s why we put so much selection pressure on maternal traits and environmental adaptability. We breed these heifers so they work for you, not the other way around. In addition, growth and carcass value traits are part of our genetic improvement program here so you can be assured of feeder cattle that can top the market and add value to the next customer down the line. As an added important plus, T-Heart heifers are always range developed in large groups to optimize their fertility and lifetime production.

We are very proud to have repeat customers with up to 400 head of T-Heart origin females in production. Satisfied customers are the center of our long term goals and plans. Again this year we will offer 400 head all AI bred and fetal sexed, one iron bred heifers. Please give us a call for more information on these high quality bred females or stop by the ranch to see them yourselves.